⛎ Ophiuchus


Ophiuchus emoji is a capital letter “U” with a waved line going across it. This symbol actually represents a large constellation across the celestial equator. It is supposed to be an image of a 👨 Man grasping the 🐍 Snake in the constellation Serpens. It is also known as the 13th Zodiac sign, but because it only lasts around 18 days it is removed and the dates split amongst the other Zodiac signs. You can still claim to be born under this sign if you were born anywhere in-between November 39-December 17. If you believe that this symbol should be accepted and you were born under it, represent the Zodiac sign by sending this emoji with a White Medium ⭐ Star emoji and 🐍 Snake emoji. Hopefully this can be a good conversation starter and a chance to educate people on the overlooked 13th Zodiac sign.

Examples of using

“Wait did you know there was a 13th Zodiac Sign ⛎?”
“So apparently I’m a ⛎ now.”

Closeup view

How to type


Unicode symbol


Another names

⛎ Serpens
⛎ Snake Tamer
⛎ 13th Zodiac Sign