🇸🇹 Flag: São Tomé & Príncipe Emoji

Meaning of 🇸🇹 Flag: São Tomé & Príncipe emoji

An African state located on the equator and on islands that are a chain of dormant 🌋 Volcanoes.
This country is primarily famous for its 🏖 Beaches tropical 🌳 Forests bizarre rocks and coral reefs. The Obo Natural Park occupies most of Sao Tome Island; its jungle and fauna attract tropical tourism lovers. The customs and traditions of the local people are based on the traditions of ancient tribes so any holidays here are accompanied by unusual songs and 💃 Dancing.
The Sao Tome and Principe flag may be popular with tourists and online users who are familiar with this state.

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I am proud to live here 🇸🇹
Great place to visit! 🇸🇹
I’m going to 🇸🇹 São Tomé & Príncipe!
My 🏠 is 🇸🇹
🇸🇹 in my ❤️️

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— Sao Tome and Principe

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My 🏠 is 🇸🇹

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General information about 🇸🇹 Flag: São Tomé & Príncipe Emoji

Full name🇸🇹 Flag: São Tomé & Príncipe
Category🇺🇸 Flags
Subcategory🇺🇸 Country Flag
How to type shortcode
Unicode (fully-qualified)🇸🇹 U+1F1F8 U+1F1F9
Made withU+1F1F8 🇸 Regional Indicator Symbol Letter S
U+1F1F9 🇹 Regional Indicator Symbol Letter T
Unicode versionUnicode 6.0 (2010)
Listed inEmoji Version 1.0

Translations and keywords for 🇸🇹 Flag: São Tomé & Príncipe Emoji

🇺🇸 English🇸🇹 Flag: São Tomé & Príncipe
🇪🇸 Spanish🇸🇹 Bandera de Santo Tomé y Príncipe
🇮🇹 Italian🇸🇹 Bandiera di São Tomé e Príncipe
🇷🇺 Russian🇸🇹 Флаг Сан-Томе и Принсипи
🇩🇪 German🇸🇹 Flagge von São Tomé und Príncipe
🇫🇷 French🇸🇹 Drapeau de Sao Tomé-et-Principe
🇵🇹 Portuguese🇸🇹 Bandeira de São Tomé e Príncipe