♉ Taurus


Taurus emoji is the symbol of the second of 12 Zodiac signs. As for emoji, it looks just like the traditional Taurus symbol, i.e. like a schematic image of the bull’s head with horns — of different colors and in different frames in case of different emoji providers. And as for the sign itself, it’s attributed to people, born from 21.04 to 21.05 and many people believe that it makes its owners committed and honest.

Snapchat meaning

Taurus emoji is the Snapchat symbol for the app’s users, who were born on the respective dates and who have pointed out their B-days.

Examples of using

“I’m ♉ and I think it says a lot about me”
“You’re a typical ♉ !”

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Another names

♉ Zodiac Sign Taurus