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🫸Rightwards Pushing Hand

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Meaning of 🫸 Rightwards Pushing Hand Emoji

Emoji 🫸 “Rightwards Pushing Hand” stands for an arm extended to the right and bent at the wrist, which with an open palm pushes an object or demonstrates the 🛑 “Stop” gesture. The emoji has five skin tone options and is included in the Unicode 15.0 version.

The 🫸 “Rightwards Pushing Hand” emoji can signify rejection, denial, caution and restraint. It can also express a physical nudge, a request to be left alone, and a move toward a 🤝 Greeting. It is suggested to be used frequently with the emoji 🫷 “Leftwards Pushing Hand”.

You can use emoji to pull yourself away from something. For example, from an unpleasant 🫸🗣 conversation, 🫸❌ intrusive proposal or 🫸🍝 very late dinner. Combine this emoji with emoticons that fit the context. It can be either a 😐 Neutral facial expression or a 🙂 Kind smile, or 😖 Irritation or even 😠 Anger.

Say metaphorically that you are holding the 👊 Blows of fate with dignity, or ⚠️ Warn your colleague against a rash decision. Also use the emoji to depict the phrase 🫸🫷 “High five!”.

Interesting Facts:

  • The image that represents the emoji is also interpreted as a gesture related to 🇺🇸 the American slang phrase “🗨 Talk to the ✋ Hand!” Such a move is directed at a particular 👱 Person and means that he or she does not want to be listened to. Depending on the situation, the phrase and gesture are perceived either sarcastically or as an insult.

Examples of 🫸 Rightwards Pushing Hand Emoji using

Popular phrases with 🫸 Rightwards Pushing Hand Emoji to use in messengers and the web:

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Combinations with 🫸 Rightwards Pushing Hand Emoji

Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 🫸✨🫷 . You can use combos to make riddles or messages without words.

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— Imagination
— I foresee..
— I'll think of it tomorrow
— High five!
— I don't wanna hear that
— Freeze time
— Go with a flow
— No use talking
— Warm hands by the fire
— Enough for today
— Rejection
— The virus won't pass!
— No need to
— Not today
— Please no pineapple in pizza!
— Talk to the hand
— Thanks but I don't eat meat
— Yummy

Skin tones:

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Rightwards Pushing Handlight skin tone
Rightwards Pushing Handmedium-light skin tone
Rightwards Pushing Handmedium skin tone
Rightwards Pushing Handmedium-dark skin tone
Rightwards Pushing Handdark skin tone

🫸 Rightwards Pushing Hand Emoji look across different devices

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General information about 🫸 Rightwards Pushing Hand Emoji

Full name 🫸 Rightwards Pushing Hand
Category 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 People & Body
Subcategory 🖐️ Hand Fingers Open
Unicode (fully-qualified) 🫸 U+1FAF8
Unicode version Unicode 15.0 (2022)
Listed in Emoji Version 15.0