➿ Double Curly Loop


Double Curly Loop emoji is a line that has curled over itself twice in a row. You can use this emoji to represent a more thrilling rollercoaster. If you’re planning on a fair day with some friends, send this emoji with the Circus ⛺ Tent emoji to ask if everyone is cool with going on a rollercoaster. With how it looks, this emoji can be used to represent wheels. Like if you need to replace wheels on a 🛹 Skateboard, send this emoji with the 🛹 Skateboard emoji. You can do the same with other wheeled objects, like cars.

Examples of using

“We’re going on the ➿ rollercoaster come on!”
“I need new wheels ➿ for my board.”

Closeup view

How to type


Unicode symbol


Another names

➿ Rollercoaster
➿ Wheels