✊ Raised Fist


Raised Fist emoji is one of the hand gesture emojis, which look like a fist, pointing up. This gesture in real life is associated with protests and support of someone or something – in these meanings it is used online as well. Commonly, it is followed by emotional smiley, which expresses the attitude more vividly – for example, by 😡 Pouting Face emoji to convey protest. It is also often followed by friendly or neutral-looking smileys when it means support. And at last, sometimes it is used as something like the intensifier of some statement.


✊🍆 Third Base Part Two (Sex)

Examples of using

“This is intolerable and must be stopped ✊”
“I support my team ✊”

Closeup view

How to type


Unicode symbol



✊🏻 Raised Fist — Light skin tone
✊🏼 Raised Fist — Medium-light skin tone
✊🏽 Raised Fist — Medium skin tone
✊🏾 Raised Fist — Medium-dark skin tone
✊🏿 Raised Fist — Dark skin tone