♑ Capricorn


Capricorn emoji is the symbol of the tenth Zodiac sign of the same name, which is attributed to all people, who were born from 22.12 to 20.01, not depending on the year or the place of their birth. As for the emoji meaning, it is very informative for those, who believe in the huge role the dates of birth play in people’s lives — for them, it may mark a hardworking and stubborn person. And for those, who don’t, it means a little.

Snapchat meaning

Capricorn emoji marks those Snapchat users, who were born on the respective date and also pointed out their 🎂 Birthday.

Examples of using

“I’m ♑ and it says a lot about me”
“My Zodiac sign is Capricorn ♑”

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♑ Capricorn Zodiac Sign