✋ Raised Hand


Raised Hand emoji looks much like the Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed emoji – but in this case the fingers are put closely together. As for the meanings, this one is also used instead of a greeting or as a part of it. Its other common meaning is connected to a gesture of raising a hand, which is commonly used by students in schools – i.e. as a sign that the user is eager to say something or to ask something important. In this sense, quite often, it has an ironic connotation. Also, very often it is used in the meaning of “stop” and used as a request.


✋🐓 Hancock (Movies)

🎤🙅🏻✋🏻🎶 Rihanna (Celebrities)

✋🐌 Hand Brake (Technology)

Examples of using

“Stop doing these stupid things, please ✋”
“May I ask something? ✋”

Closeup view

Unicode symbol



✋🏻 Raised Hand — Light skin tone
✋🏼 Raised Hand — Medium-light skin tone
✋🏽 Raised Hand — Medium skin tone
✋🏾 Raised Hand — Medium-dark skin tone
✋🏿 Raised Hand — Dark skin tone

Say it with ASCII

(ʘ‿ʘ) ╯