🌺 Remembrance Day

Tell us about the Remembrance Day of these Emoji! Remembrance Day is connected with the day of memory of those who died in the First World War. It is similar to Veteran’s Day👴👵. On this day people visit the monuments to soldiers💂, where they put red poppies🌺, participate in parades📢, watch fireworks🎆. This day is filled with sadness and sorrow😔.
Examples for use:
– I’d like to go to the monument today, would you?🌺💂
– Listen, buy me 10 poppies, I’ll return!🌺🌺
– This day such sad, my great-grandfather died in the first world war!👴
– Today it would be possible to watch the movie about war, but I don’t want to cry…🌺👵👴😔