♿ Wheelchair Symbol


Wheelchair Symbol emoji is vital to show what public places are wheelchair accessable. If you happen to need a wheelchair, this sign is very important to you. You will most likely text the Wheelchair Symbol emoji to fiends and 👪 Family to ask if where they are going is wheelchair friendly. There are even some public places you can text the symbol to asking if they are wheelchair friendly. You can use it wiht the 🏥 Hospital emoji to not only show that you need to get to the 🏥 Hospital, in your wheelchair preferably. Or use the 📚 Books emoji to ask is a library is wheelchair friendly.

Examples of using

“Does the library have a ♿ zone?”
“I cannot believe the office has no ♿ for the handicapped to enter.”

Closeup view

How to type


Unicode symbol


Another names

♿ Wheelchair
♿ Handicap Friendly