♎ Libra


Libra emoji represents one of the twelve astrological signs. It is attributed to the people, who were born from 24.09 to 23.10. All of its meanings are astrology-related, i.e. it may be used to mark the person, who was born with this Zodiac sign, or some of their typical traits of character. As for those, who do not believe in Zodiac signs magic, this emoji has a little meaning — it may only say them someone’s approximate date of birth.

Snapchat meaning

Libra emoji appears near the usernames on the Snapchat, which belong to the users, who were born on the respective dates.

Examples of using

“My Zodiac sign is ♎”
“I’m Libra and this Zodiac sign is totally about me ♎”

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Another names

♎ Libra Zodiac Sign