White color Emojis Collection

White is an achromatic color that can’t be obtained by simply mixing paints. In society, this color is endowed with such symbols and meanings as innocence, purity, novelty, peace, and faith. Therefore, it is used in icons and churches, stories of death and ghosts, as well as to end wars, and so on.

Use White Collection to share 👨‍🍳 Culinary masterpieces, such as a delicious omelette recipe which consists only of cheese and 🥚 Eggs. Or talk about animals: the birth of a little 🦙 Llama on a farm. To talk about you visit to the 🦷 Dentist, to a 🥋 Karate class, to the 🛁 Plumber store or to a ⚾ Sports competition, as well as to warn about bad ☁️ Weather.

Combine this collection with emojis from People, Nature and Food sections. For example, to share a list of 👻 Horror movies about ☠️ Death. Or, to warn a friend about 🌧 Bad weather and remind to take an ☂️ Umbrella with him.

Combinations and phrases

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  • 👨‍🍳🥚

     — The main ingredient

  • 🥚❔🐓

     — What was the first thing?

  • 🧻❕🚽

     — No way without it!

  • 🐭🦷🐁

     — The mouse took my tooth

  • 💀☠️👻

     — Afterlife theme

  • ⛅⚾🏐

     — Time to play!

  • 👨‍🍳🥚❔👩‍🍳

     — Where are the eggs?

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