❄️️ January Emojis Collection

New Year, New Opportunities! The next 12 months will be filled with various achievements, experiences, successes.

There’s a great amount of ❄️️ Snow this month! So dress warmer, drink hot drinks and play various winter games. But don’t forget about the holidays of this month, because on this day 💑 National Hugging Day is celebrated. Haven’t hugged your significant other yet? It’s a quick fix! In addition to this, it will be 📩 International Internet-free Day in January, leave your 📱 gadgets and give warmth to your family and friends, because this month is still freezing! And our emojis will help you to warm your companions, but not on the 📩 International Internet-Free Day.

January Facts

  • God Janus is a two-headed mythical creature after who January was named. Will you ask why in his honor? It’s simple as one of his heads looked back into the past year, and the other looked forward into the new year.
  • According to the statistics, it is this month that most couples break up.
  • According to 🇨🇳 Chinese traditions, the symbol of January is a Japanese plum flower.

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Combinations and phrases

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  • Have a snowball fight? 🤾‍♀️🌨
  • Dress up warmer! 😬🧤🧣
  • Drink warm drinks ☕
  • The new year has begun! 🗓
  • Hello January 🖐❄️️
  • How much snow is there this month ❄️️🌨️
  • Time to make a snowman! ☃️️❄️
  • On weekends we go for a ride! ⛷️🏂
  • What did Santa Claus give you? 🎅🎁
  • Almost froze to death 🥶🛷
  • I’m not going out today 🌬🧍‍♂️
  • Shall we watch the winter movie? 🌨️🎞️
  • Let’s play hockey? 🏒⛸
  • I love winter fishing 🎣👍
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