❄️ Game of Thrones Emojis Collection

❄️ Winter is coming… The fantasy drama, which is based on a series of novels by George Martin, is set in a fictional world on two continents of Essos and Westeros. On one of the continents there are 7 different 👪 Families who all obey the only 🤴 King sitting on the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones Facts:

  • Tyrion Lannister appears in more episodes than any other cast member, he is present in 61 out of 67 episodes.
  • For Brienne the most difficult scene was the fight between her and The Hound. The actress spent 2 months of hard training 4 days a week to build up the required stamina.
  • Jon Snow – Kit Harington and Ygritte – Rose Leslie, are married couple.

📖 Contents:


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The white walkers have risen! 🌬🧟
Look, dragons! 🐲🐉
Valar morgulis 🗡👧
Valar dohaeris 🗡👧
The throne will be mine! ⚔️🤴👑
Winter is coming 🌬❄️🌨️
Death, not today! ☠️⛔
Lannisters always pay their debts 💸👱👱‍♀️
Seventh hell 🤬👿
You know nothing, Jon snow! 🤨
The night is dark and full of terror 🌃👹👻
The King in the North! 🤴🌨️⚔️
My sun and stars 🌞⭐❤️
Moon of my life 🌚❤️
Hodor! 😶
What is already dead-can not die! ☠️