💦 Water Emojis Collection

Water. Water💧 is life🐳🦎🐟. No water no anything😓! See the list of emoji that you can use in the topic.

To begin with, of course water💧 is the oceans🌍 on Earth and waves🌊 that inhabit them!

Do you know that our planet🌐 consists from 80% of Water🏖🏝🏞🛳? And we use it a lot at home too:🏡🚿🛀🚽 Actually human bodies👱‍♀️ also consist by 80% from 💧💧💧… so DRINK it🚰! Water☝. Not alcohol😶😅.

“Doctors 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️say: if you have a headache🤕, drink a glass of water🚰. And soon it will go away😉.”

“If we go surfing🌊, I hope🤞 the water will be warm🏖☀ and the weather good👍… oh.. and no sharks🙏🦈 of course… I am scared to death of them😱😵☠!”
“You know, better stay at home, Tim✋! Surfing and swimming in the ocean is not for losers😤!”

“Fire🔥 and water💧 is like ☯… Have you ever thought about it😏?”

The 🏠 is on🔥😱!!!! Call the 911😨!!! And bring Water💦!! As much as you can find!”