😔 Sad Emojis Collection

Sad. When you are Sad😔 – express yourself! See our list of emoji to show all the world 🗺how miserable is the life is around you😅.

Actually, “sad”😔 means being in a depressive😞 and not happy😕 mood.
When you are Sad🙁, you want to walk with a smile down😞😟🙁…
You want to show the tears in your eyes😢😭.
You want to be hugged🤗 and kissed 😘 and kill 🏹
this f*cking loneliness…
👉Go to your friends👬🥂👭!
👉Turn on the good music📻🎶🎧!
👉Watch👀 a movie about sport🥊🥋🥅! It’s motivating!🏆🏅
👉Run🏃‍♀️ 10 km😥😤!
👉Read a 📖 with adventures🏔🏞🌋!

Or: order a pizza🍕, invite your homies😏 and organize a depressive-crying party😭💃😭🕺with Black Jack 🎲♠.

Just don’t be like Alice in Wonderland🐇♥👑♦ : please🙏 don’t flood your place with 😭😐! Otherwise you will become even more sad😖and your neighbors too😅…

Of course, sometimes we need to be sad😢. Just don’t be too excited about it☝. To get out from depression is a hard work…☹

“He is in depression😔. Sad🙁 and unhappy😞. It’s been a week she has left him💣💔”

“I failed it😶! I failed my exam…😣”
“Oh… Just don’t cry…🚫😭”
“I will not🙁. Don’t worry👌. Actually, I am not sad at all… 😐you know…I am even happy😊! Now I can live my life as I want it!😄😁”

“Today the weather is very sad🌧🌫. The ideal evening🌘 is to read a📖 under in the sofa🛋… and drink a hot cacao☕.”