🌏 Internet Emojis Collection

What emoji to use when we talk about Internet🤔🌐? See the list!
Modern life is impossible without technology💻🖥📽📷and Wi-Fi🔊. Can you imagine: 20 years ago there was no Internet😲! At all😨! No Gmail, no Google, no Facebook. No pictures📸 for Instagram because there was no Instagram😢!
Have we become happier😒?
Well… When there was no internet we spent time with friends🏕👬👭. Actually BEING with friends and not sitting with them and in our📱.

Some examples:
“Don’t call her📵. She is busy with Instaposts and online chats😑… again😓”
“15 years ago I could spend the whole day outside the house, biking, playing games🤹‍♂️🤸‍♂️not thinking about how many ❤️ will get out photo on FB. And now…🤦‍♂️?”

☝But internet is also a great source of information! Just use it right👌!
When we don’t know something🤷‍♂️ we say: “Google it!” And it’s like a magic💫.
“Tons of information💬🗨🗯 is open✔️thanks to internet. We don’t have to hunt🏹⚔️ it or go to wizards🔮. We can just get it🛒.”

“I can get you any book📗📘📙, any song🎤🎶, any fact 📰🗞about our favorite artist 🎸👨‍🎤️thanks to Internet🌐.”  +add

Combinations and phrases

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  • Don’t Believe Everything You See on the Internet 🚫💻🖱
  • World Wide Web 🖥🖱🌍
  • 🤔👀💻
  • What’s the Wi-Fi Password? 📶📡💭🤔
  • Clear Your Search History 💻🗑
  • 🖥🖱⌨️💿

     — Online Games

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