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๐ŸŒŽ Commonwealth Day Emojis Collection

This is an annual holiday in which 54 countries take part. Commonwealth Day is usually celebrated on the second Monday in March, with a different theme and message every year.

The status of the Commonwealth of Nations was established back in 1931 by the Statute of Westminster, and in 1947 some amendments were made to it. Countries that regularly participate in the celebration are located around the ๐Ÿ—บ World. Also, it doesnโ€™t matter if the country is rich and developed or it is a poor African country; on this day, each representative from their own country has an equal right to vote.

This holiday is a state holiday, and all the celebration is held in London, where the British monarch takes part, who is also the head of the Commonwealth. The rest of the participating countries arrange various events with the demonstration of the Commonwealth flag on this day. The Emoji library has a collection of smileys on this topic, so anyone interested in this holiday can use them when mentioning or discussing online.