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Black Chess Queen

The emoji ♛ "Black Chess Queen'' depicts a large crown consisting of a tall base and five thin points. The symbol appeared in Unicode version 1.1, dated 1993, and is located in the part of the "Miscellaneous Symbols” section where all of the chess pieces are collected.

The element has not yet become an official version of the emoji. Therefore, on most systems, it appears as a white glyph with black outlines and is not offered for general use. The exception is the Samsung platform, where, thanks to compatibility, the symbol looks three-dimensional and realistic.

Meaning of ♛ "Black Chess Queen''

The figure represented as an emoji is a ferz from the board game "Chess." The piece is also called 👸 Queen and is considered the most powerful on the 🙾 Board. According to the rules, the queen always moves in a straight line, but in any possible direction. It has no limit on the number of squares and can take the place of an opponent's oncoming piece, which it removes not only from the path, but also from the field.

It is noteworthy that the black and white sets initially have only one queen each. But in the course of the game the queen is assigned to the ♟ Pawn that reached the opponent's first row. The value of the queen is equivalent to about nine pawns, and that's quite a lot. After all, even ♝ Bishop and ♜ Rook together are usually valued at eight.

How to use

Use the symbol literally in chess-related topics. For example, remind your partner that today the 🧒 Сhild has a class in the chess club; or invite 👫 Friends to join you for an online game 🌇 Tonight.

To do so, send ♛ "Black Chess Queen" either without any text or instead embed it in the text. Combine the symbol with other chess characters and use specific emoticons for clarity. In particular 🏆 "Trophy", ⌛ "Hourglass" and 💻 "Personal Computer".

Interesting fact:
  • Ferz and Queen are not the only names of the piece. In Asia and Eastern Europe the chess character is known as vizier, advisor and minister, and in Poland the piece is nicknamed hetman.

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    — A pawn became a queen
    — Player move
    — Chess pieces
    — Game tactics

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    General information about ♛ Black Chess Queen Emoji

    Full name♛ Black Chess Queen
    Unicode (fully-qualified)U+265B
    Hex Code Points265B

    Translations and keywords for ♛ Black Chess Queen

    Another names, keywords♛ Black Chess Queen
    🇷🇺 Russian♛ Черная шахматная королева