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Black Chess Bishop

The ♝ "Black Chess Bishop" emoji adopted by Unicode in 1993, appears as a black droplet with a pointed apex that rests on a "foot" backbone. The symbol became part of Unicode version 1.1 and refers to one of the chess-related blocks from the "Miscellaneous Symbols" section.

There is no approved version of the ♝ "Black Chess Bishop" emoji yet. This means that almost all devices display the symbol as a black glyph with flecks of white, and it only looks realistic on platforms with good compatibility. For this reason, Unicode does not offer the emoji for general use.

Meaning of ♝ Black Chess Bishop

The emoji represents a bishop, one of the six types of pieces on the chessboard. The figure resembles a Catholic bishop and is the third highest after the ♛ Queen and ♚ King. The piece moves strictly diagonally, in any direction, and ends its move in front of an obstacle or at the edge of the 🙾 Board.

There are always 4 bishops in the chess set, 2 on each side. And they are active already in the opening. But as the cells are emptied, the piece becomes more maneuverable and stronger. From the position on the board, as a matter of fact, depends value, normally equal to three ♟️ Pawns.

How to use

Use the icon in your messages when talking about chess. In such a way, ♝ "Black Chess Bishop", sent without any text, will remind a friend to buy the next issue of the chess magazine, could be an invitation to a colleague for a tournament together and can tell your friend how intelligent the new acquaintance is.

The emoji, inserted between the lines, will eloquently go with any chess context. Particularly in combination with other chess symbols. In fact, they can even be used to play online, thus not being tied to a place or service and tricking the time constraints.

Another way to use the symbol of the elephant figure will be metaphorically. In texts, the sign can be associated with faith, peacefulness and willingness to come to the rescue, and symbolize a 👱 Man who does not go astray, and expects something more from life.

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Combinations with ♝ Black Chess Bishop Emoji

Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 📓⏱🙾♝. You can use combos to make riddles or messaging without words.

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— Player move
— Chess pieces
— Game tactics
—Bishop move

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General information about ♝ Black Chess Bishop Emoji

Full name♝ Black Chess Bishop
Unicode (fully-qualified)U+265D
Hex Code Points265D

Translations and keywords for ♝ Black Chess Bishop

Another names, keywords♝ Black Chess Bishop
🇷🇺 Russian♝ Черный Шахматный Слон