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Black Chess King

The text symbol ♚ "Black Chess King", depicting a large monarch crown, is approved by Unicode and published in Unicode version 1.1 in 1993. The emoji is in the "Chess" block of the "Miscellaneous Symbols" category and is included in the "Black" collection.

The version of this emoji is not officially confirmed. Because of this, on almost all platforms the symbol looks like a monochrome black and white icon. Therefore, the consortium does not suggest the emoji to be used as a universal symbol.

Meaning of ♚ "Black Chess King''

The emoji ♚ "Black Chess King" refers to one of the pieces of tabletop chess. The character is called "King," and is not only the highest among other pieces, but also the most important and valuable on the 🙾 Board. After all, the whole point of chess strategy is to protect your own king and block your opponent's king, what ensures ✌ Victory.

How to use

Include the ♚ "Black Chess King" emoji in your text when you talk about chess. For example, tell where there are amateur tournaments in the 🏙 City, or advise to practice one's memory and 🧠 Mind more often to play the game. In such meanings ♚ "Black Chess King" will act both independently and in combination with other symbols of the "Chess" block.

Use the emoji metaphorically when referring to superiority, power, fortitude and charisma. It's also an eye-catching symbol for a name in a game or in a social network that can both simply decorate and emphasize the status, skills and abilities of a 👱 Person. You can also send the emoji to a friend who likes tattoos as an option for their next body art.

Interesting fact:
  • In chess it is possible that during a battle only 2 kings remain on the board. In such a game a "stalemate" or, in other words, a draw is automatically declared.

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    General information about ♚ Black Chess King Emoji

    Full name♚ Black Chess King
    Unicode (fully-qualified)U+265A
    Hex Code Points265A

    Translations and keywords for ♚ Black Chess King

    Another names, keywords♚ Black Chess King
    🇷🇺 Russian♚ Черный шахматный король