♔ White Chess King

Meaning of ♔ White Chess King

♔ «White Chess King» text symbol has become a part of the Unicode standard in the year of 1993. The symbol has been approved in the version 1.1, and belongs to the “Chess symbols” and “Blacks” sets.

Nevertheless, the symbol hasn’t been accredited as an emoji within the system. This means that when being displayed on the majority of screens, ♔ «White Chess King» looks like a black-and-white glyph. That’s why the Unicode Consortium doesn’t recommend the symbol for general usage as a universal emoji.

The meaning of the symbol

Emoji in the shape of a massive royal crown is the “King” figure in the educational logical board game called “Chess”. In line with the overall configuration, the king is the tallest among all pieces on the chessboard, as well as the most valuable strategically.

At the beginning of the game chess this piece moves rarely. Especially in the classic version of the chess game. But closer to the end the king attacks and defends pieces in the team. In other versions of the strategy the chess piece actively participates in the battle, helping the less powerful pieces to advance.

A contestant wins when he blocks his opponent’s king figure. The piece always stays on the chessboard and cannot be removed even if one loses. The power of the king is equal to the capabilities of 3-4 ♟ Pawns.

How to use

Chess is a widely enjoyed sport and recreational activity. So use the ♔ White Chess King emoji to invite like-minded people to have a good time at the board game or root for their favorite contestants in a competition.

Combine the symbol with the 🙾 “Chessboard”, ♕ “Black Chess Queen” or ♘ “Black Chess Knight” emojis. Also include other meaningful emojis in your text. For example, 🌳 “Deciduous Tree”, 🌿 “Herb” and ☀ “Sun” when writing about playing in nature, or ⏱ “Stopwatch”, 📓 “Notebook” and 🥇🥈🥉 medals when discussing tournament results.

When describing the chess games don’t forget about the 😉 “Emotions”, 💯 “Symbols” and 🤷 “People” sets. These collections will help you to express your feelings more vividly and accurately.

Interesting Facts:

  • The “Bare King” phrase is known not only as the title of the famous play by E.L. Schwartz. In chess this is the name of the position when the player has captured all the pieces, except a king. The piece remains alone on the chessboard. Remarkably, in some variations of the strategy this is considered as a way to 🏆 Win the game;
  • The first Arabian chess pieces to arrive in Western countries looked unconventional and were depicted with local features in mind. That’s why in those chess pieces the figure of the king was often called by one of the titles of local monarchs: tsar, malik or shah.

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📖 Contents:

Examples of ♔ White Chess King Emoji using

Popular phrases with ♔ White Chess King Emoji to use in messengers and web:

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  • ♟️ Chess is the game of Kings 👑
  • Don’t be ♟️ a pawn in someone else’s game! 🤏
  • ♘ Chess is the gymnasium of the mind 🧠
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Combinations with ♔ White Chess King Emoji

Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: ​​🏆♔🙾♚​. You can use combos to make riddles or messaging without words.

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  • ​🏆♔🙾♚​

     — Chess tournament

  • 📓⏱🙾♔

     — Player’s move

  • ​♔♕♘♟️​

     — Chess pieces

  • ​🙾♔🤔

     — Game tactics

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♔ White Chess King Emoji look across different devices

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General information about ♔ White Chess King Emoji

Full name ♔ White Chess King
Unicode (fully-qualified) U+2654
Hex Code Points 2654

Translations and keywords for ♔ White Chess King Emoji

Another names, keywords ♔ White Chess King
🇪🇸 Spanish ♔ Rey de Ajedrez Blanco
🇮🇹 Italian ♔ Re degli scacchi bianchi
🇷🇺 Russian ♔ Белый шахматный король
🇩🇪 German ♔ Weißer Schachkönig
🇫🇷 French ♔ Roi d’Échecs Blanc
🇵🇹 Portuguese ♔ Rei Xadrez Branco