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White Chess Pawn

The ♙ "White Chess Pawn" text symbol is a Unicode character approved in 1993. The emoji became part of Version 1.1 and belongs to the Miscellaneous Symbols block that contains icons of chess pieces.

The ♙ "White Chess Pawn" emoji version hasn't yet become official. Therefore, the symbol is not shown for sharing as a universal symbol and on devices most often appears as a white and black glyph. On compatible systems, however, the emoji is displayed in a realistic style.

Meaning of ♙ White Chess Pawn

The emoji illustrates a character from the board strategy game called "Chess." The piece is called "Pawn," moves forward by only one and in the starting position by two free squares straight, and is the smallest and weakest piece on the 🙾 chess board.

The pawn is also sometimes called a soldier or 🧑🌾 Peasant, indicating the piece's low status in the game. But it is often the pawn that lies at the heart of the defense and makes the moves that lead to ✌ Victory. In chess theory the value of a pawn is equated to one point, so the piece itself is considered as a unit of value in the game.

How to use

Like any other chess emoji, ♙ "White Chess Pawn" is relevant wherever chess is mentioned. From discussing major tournaments, online competitions and masterful moves by grandmasters, to stories about the culture of 🇮🇳 India.

Enrich your e-conversations with themed smileys. For example ⏱ "Stopwatch", 🏅 "Sports Medal" and other symbols from the "Chess" set. Also use the emoji from the "Gestures" and "Faces" sections. This will help to convey feelings and express emotions more clearly.

Use the symbol metaphorically, taking into account the role of the piece in the strategy. For example, an emoji in a text will point to an object that can be easily manipulated; describe something that can be sacrificed; express disregard or demonstrate insignificance. The symbol will also help to describe the potential and latent possibilities or, conversely, show the weakness of a position.

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Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 📓⏱🙾♙. You can use combos to make riddles or messaging without words.

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— Player moves
— Chess pieces
—Game tactics

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General information about ♙ White Chess Pawn Emoji

Full name♙ White Chess Pawn
Unicode (fully-qualified)U+2659
Hex Code Points2659

Translations and keywords for ♙ White Chess Pawn

Another names, keywords♙ White Chess Pawn
🇷🇺 Russian♙ Белая шахматная пешка