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White Chess Knight

The ♘ "White Chess Knight" symbol is a Unicode character that shows a horse's head together with its neck. The emoji was approved in Unicode version 1.1 in 1993 and is located in one of the blocks in the Miscellaneous Symbols category, which is dedicated to chess pieces.

The element has not yet become an official emoji. Because of this, it predominantly appears as a white glyph with black lines on the platforms. The picture looks different only on Samsung devices, where the symbol looks more natural and realistic. Nevertheless, the emoji is not recommended for general use.

Meaning of ♘ White Chess Knight

The emoji represents one of the six pieces from the sport and entertainment game known as "Chess." The figure is called 'Knight' and is considered to be the most unusual in the set. Or rather, the moves of the knight, which are not in a straight line, but in the shape of a capital Latin L, look unusual. Both regular and inverted.

In addition, the knight is allowed to jump over any piece on 🙾 the board, to be the first in the game, to change the colour of the board with every move and to attack independently. Hence the value of the chess piece, which is equal to three pawns or a bishop.

How to use

"Chess symbols" emoji are an excellent option for strategy lovers. After all, they can be used to play chess by texting moves as emoji. Imagine that! You're taking the 🚇 Tube, sitting in a cafe with a cup of ☕ Coffee, chewing a 🥪 Sandwich on your lunch break. And all while playing chess. Isn't that great?

Along with ♘ "White Chess Knight" and the emojis of the other chess pieces, include smileys expressing emotions. For example: 🤔 "Pensive face", 😲 "Face with Open Mouth" and 😈 "Smiling face with horns". This will make the game more interesting, fill it with emotions and improve your mood.

Interesting fact:
  • When recording chess games the knight is denoted by the letter N or S, as the letter K is occupied by the ♔ King.
  • The figure of the knight is also called a 🏇 Horse, which is due to the peculiarities of translation.

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    — Player moves
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    General information about ♘ White Chess Knight Emoji

    Full name♘ White Chess Knight
    Unicode (fully-qualified)U+2658
    Hex Code Points2658

    Translations and keywords for ♘ White Chess Knight

    Another names, keywords♘ White Chess Knight
    🇷🇺 Russian♘ Белый шахматный конь