🌠📚 Physics Emojis Collection

Physics. Oh, a powerful science…😎 Einstein and Newton are your best friends in this word😉👌
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It is the greatest💫 of all the sciences! So to say, a 💣💥Why?? Are you kidding, man😦😲??? Because without Physics say goodbye🖐 to you precious iPhone📱, iPad👨‍💻️, iPod and all the iSomething🤳! No Physics – no Technology💻📺📸📽📡, no Elon Musk👨‍🚀️ and Rockets🚀, no planes🛫 that can fly you to Hampton🌅or Hawaii 🏖🐳🌴or Ibiza🏝💃🕺…
Physics gives you the tools🛠to examine the world 🌍 and understand🤔 how things work!

“Apple🍎 is not only about the brand… it is also about Newton👨‍🎓️ and his idea💡! about the world🌐🗺, when the apple🍏 fell down on his head🤕!”
“Hell😈 knows why that Nietzsche book fell when I pushed it off my desk😰. It must just be Physics🤖.”
“Don`t judge☝Physics by your High school classes📚. It is much better and more interesting😌!”
” Physics⚛️ is like voodoo magic💫 to students of art🖼, journalism🎤, and political science…”  +add

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  • How Does the Universe Works? 🤔🌌❓
  • 🌏🌐🌌

     — Planets

  • 🌌🌠🌟

     — Galaxy

  • 🌠🌠🌟🌟

     — Stars

  • Mysteries of the Universe 😐🌌❔
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