🤓 College Emojis Collection

College! 🎉Probably it is the best place on 🌍. To see how to live it – go through our list of emoji for College!
☝If you didn’t go to college, you wasted the best years of your life on some BS. Why, you might ask😣😥? Well, college is the time of ✨miracles✨! Remember all the teens movies🎥📺👦👧 College is about falling in love😍❤with the most beautiful girl👸 or most handsome guy🤴💪 just because you had to work on the same project💏. Maybe then have a 💔, but it definitely was worth it 😏… It is about making new friends🕺👬👭 in the middle of the night 🕑when you are heading home from non-stop crazy party👨‍🎤️💃🕺🍾🍸🎶. It is about travelling 🛤🛫🗼🗽and exploring the world around you without mom and dad😏😉😎. College at the same time is when you realize🤔 that all your actions require your responsibility🚨. You learn it by cheating on exams😣 and plagiarizing papers on marketing😭. It is about new figures in your mind: professors, instructors that give you an example to follow👨‍🎓️☝.
College🏫 is about choosing and understanding whom you want to be FOR REAL: this 👩‍🍳️ or this 👩‍🚀️; this 👨‍🎤️ or this! And not because you mother said so🙄😏. It is about exploring you limits🚧 when you have just one night🌃 to get ready for Accounting📚🕯😫 or English📖 exam😴😪. It is about becoming the better version of yourself in the end😄😎👨‍🎓️👩‍🎓️💪… otherwise you will not graduate😅.