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๐Ÿ‘€ World Sight Day Emojis Collection

The date of this event is unique for each year. World Sight Day is celebrated on the second Tuesday of October, and in 2020, its date falls on October 8. The holiday was established at the initiative of the World Health Organization.

The event's purpose is to draw public attention to the persistent problem of blindness, visual impairment, and rehabilitation for people with this ailment. In addition, this day is a global event for the prevention of blindness, and organizations closely related to this problem participate in it.

As part of this event, various preventive measures are taken to prevent the disease. For example, in most countries, on this day, anyone can be examined by an ophthalmologist for free because timely eye examinations by specialists can help identify the problem, if a person has any, and take immediate measures for prevention and treatment.

In the Emoji library, users can access a collection of thematic smileys prepared for World Sight Day. With their help, everyone can talk about this problem online and discuss it with other users, thus attracting more attention. Remember that regular visits to your ophthalmologist can help you maintain your sight for many years ahead.