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White Chess Queen

The ♕ "White Chess Queen" text symbol, approved in 1993 in Unicode 1.1, appears as a massive crown. You can find the emoji in the Miscellaneous Symbols block in the section with the chess pieces. The sign is also part of the "Black" set.

The element has not yet been approved as an official version of the emoji. Therefore, it appears as a white glyph with black outlines on most platforms and is not being offered for general use. The exception is the Samsung platform, where compatibility makes the symbol look voluminous and realistic.

Meaning of ♕ White Chess Queen

The object displayed on the emoji is a 👸 Queen from the board strategy game called "Chess." The queen moves in all directions, to any number of cells and as it moves across the 🙾 board it takes the place of the enemy standing in the way. Such a power makes the chess piece the strongest in the set of its colour and equates in value to 9-10 ♟️ Pawns.

At the beginning of the game each team has only one queen and the piece is located next to the king. But in the course of the strategy an additional or substitute queen can become a pawn that gets to the opponent's far side. In tactics the queen can be used in combination with the rook or bishop, act as a lure and be exchanged for the opponent's queen.

How to use

Feel like relaxing with 👫 Friends? Organise a game of chess! In ☀️ Summer you can gather in the park, while in ❄️️ Winter at a cafe or at 🏠 Home by your 💻 Laptop. The ♕ "White Chess Queen" emoji in combination with other chess pieces will be helpful when discussing the idea and sending an invitation.

Also use the emoji if you follow the game as a kind of sport. You'll need the symbol to talk about the results of a past tournament or to analyse the participants' moves. The emoji from the 😂 "Emojis and smileys" block will be particularly useful here to accurately describe reactions and reflect the mood.

Interesting fact:
  • In the Persian game of shatranj, considered an early version of chess, the queen was called the ferz and was considered the weakest piece, moving only diagonally and one square. Things changed only at the end of the 15th century, when they decided to speed up the game.
  • There is a theory that the bolstering of the chess ferz in 🇮🇷 Spain took place in honour of Queen Isabella I, who ruled at the time and became a significant political figure. The second name of the piece, "Queen," is said to have originated at the same time.

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    — A pawn became a queen
    — Player move
    — Chess pieces
    — Game tactics

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    General information about ♕ White Chess Queen Emoji

    Full name♕ White Chess Queen
    Unicode (fully-qualified)U+2655
    Hex Code Points2655

    Translations and keywords for ♕ White Chess Queen

    Another names, keywords♕ White Chess Queen
    🇷🇺 Russian♕ Белая шахматная королева