🚗 Cars Emojis Collection

The cartoon tells the story of a race 🚗 Car named Lightning McQueen. McQueen always wins all the races, but at the last competition he finished second because of a tyre burst. The organizers decide to hold another race. But on the way, Lightning McQueen falls out of the trailer and finds himself in the rundown desert 🏙️ Town, where there is no competition and racing and where he makes new friends.

Cars Facts:

  • When creating the cartoon, the authors drew 43 thousand sketches of various 🚗 Cars.
  • Lightning McQueen’s number is 95, because Pixar studio released their first cartoon in 1995.
  • Radiator Springs is based on many 🏙️ Towns on Route 66.

Combinations and phrases

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  • Ka-Chow! 😉
  • Focus. Speed. I am speed 🚗
  • This one’s for you, Doc. 🤗
  • Goodbye! Okay, I’m good 🤓
  • Pitstop! 👌
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