⛪️ Religion Emojis Collection

It is the essential part of millions of people on the Earth. Use some of this emoji to speak about it.
If you don`t want to argue or quarel with people – never discuss three topics⛔: sex, politics and religion. 😁

They are dangerous as hell 😈🔥. But today we will talk! And first is Religion.😜 Let`s check some examples with religious moji:
“Christianity is about believing in Jesus Christ☦, they have ⛪, they might 🎤in the choir, and also dance🕺 in ⛪ and… well, if you wanna learn more just Google it!”😉😄
“In what Religion people use 📿🤔?”
“Will you go to🕍 today☺?”
“Come here. You can 🛐 here”
“Keep silence 🤫 in🕌!”
“I believe in many things: for example in ☯, and also in ☸.”
“We are 🙏 before eating 🍝🍞🍳🍴 every single ⏰”
” Look! I have done new tatoo:🕉”