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Black Draughts Man

Meaning of ⛂ Black Draughts Man

The symbol ⛂ Black Draughts Man was added to version 5.1 of the Unicode system in 2008. Emoji is presented in a code range that is allocated under the Miscellaneous Symbols block and is included in the Entertainment and Black sets.

The ⛂ Black Draughts Man version doesn’t have the status of an official emoji and is played as a black and white glyph on most systems. Therefore, the Unicode company does not propose the character as universal and does not recommend it for general exchange.

Symbol meaning

The symbol ⛂ Black Draughts Man is one of the pieces of the tactical board game Checkers. The game involves ⛀ white and ⛂ black counters, as well as a 🙾 board in black and white chequered squares on which the battle takes place.

There are two people involved in the strategy. Opponents sit opposite each other on opposite sides of the board and take turns moving checkers of their color in the direction of the opponent. The winner is the one who first collects or removes from the game all the opponent’s pieces.

A simple and accessible game belongs to intellectual sports. Checkers tournaments are held both at the local level and within the framework of international competitions. Video games have also been created, where artificial intelligence acts as a rival.


Use the ⛂ Black Draughts Man emoji whenever you discuss a checkers tournament on social media. Additionally, include the symbols 🙾 Chessboard, ⛀ White Draughts Man, 🏆 Trophy, 🏅 Sports Medal, and ✌️ Victory Hand in the text. Discuss players and how the game progresses with emoji from the 🤔 Faces and Emotions, 👨 People, and 🤝 Gestures categories.

Interesting Facts:

  • In non-English speaking countries, ⛂ checker pieces are most often called 👸 Queens, 🪨 Stones, 🧍 Men or ♟ Pawns;
  • There is a game that is often confused with a kind of checkers because of its name. The strategy, invented in Germany, is known as Chinese Checkers and is a board game for 2-6 people. On the board in the form of a six-pointed ✡ Star, participants move ⚪ Round chips of different colors to be the first to take the opposite corner.

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General information about ⛂ Black Draughts Man Emoji

Full name⛂ Black Draughts Man
Unicode (fully-qualified)U+26C2
Hex Code Points26C2

Translations and keywords for ⛂ Black Draughts Man

Another names, keywords⛂ Black Draughts Man
🇷🇺 Russian⛂ Чёрная шашка