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White Draughts Man

Meaning of ⛀ White Draughts Man

The ⛀ White Draughts Man emoji became part of the Unicode system in 2008. The symbol was approved in version 5.1, it is included in the Miscellaneous Symbols block and is included in the White and Entertainment sets.

There is no official emoji for this character. Therefore, on most mobile and computer systems, ⛀ White Draughts Man is played as a black and white figure. Unicode doesn’t endorse the use of the element as an emoji for general exchange.

Symbol meaning

The symbol, presented in the form of the emoji ⛀ White Draughts Man, is one of the items of the logic board game Checkers. Other items in the set are round black ⛂ counters and 🙾 a board with squares.

Entertainment is designed for two participants, each of whom owns figures of a certain color. Players move checkers around the cells in accordance with the rules in order to take possession of the opponent’s pieces.

There are up to 30 variants of the game, which differ in the size of the playing field, the number of checkers, and the direction of movement of the checkers. Checkers competitions are held in individual cities, countries, and at the international level.


Use the ⛀ White Draughts Man emoji whenever you talk about checkers online. Combine the symbol with the emoji ⛂ Black Draughts Man, 🙾 Checkerboard, ⛃ Black Draughts King, ♟ Chess Pawn, 🏆 Trophy, and 🏅 Sports Medal.

Invite your friends to have a good time and master logic 🧩 Games. Depending on the context, accompany the story with emoticons from the 🤷‍♀️ People and 🤫 Emotions emoticons.

Interesting Facts: It is still unknown who, where, and when invented the game of checkers. But there is evidence in the form of drawings that entertainment existed in ancient Egypt.
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General information about ⛀ White Draughts Man Emoji

Full name⛀ White Draughts Man
Unicode (fully-qualified)U+26C0
Hex Code Points26C0

Translations and keywords for ⛀ White Draughts Man

Another names, keywords⛀ White Draughts Man
🇷🇺 Russian⛀ Белая шашка