🍻 International Bartender’s Day Emojis Collection

World Bartender Day is a professional holiday, which is celebrated annually on February 6. Historically, this day has another name: St. Amand’s Day, because on the same day the Catholic Church honors the memory of St. Amand, hence the name. St. Amand was famous for his work on evangelization of the wine regions in Europe, so it all fits.

Basically, on this day various competitions are held in any bar, where they choose the best bartender, who will cope with certain tasks better than others, for example, make the best 🍸Cocktail according to many. They don’t forget about the visitors, various drawings of prizes, so-called “tipsy” dances and rather interesting “wine” quizzes are held. Besides tasting and general fun, especially curious people can learn about some secrets and stories of creating different cocktails.

There are several thematic smileys in the Emoji library so that users can necessarily mention this holiday on the web. On this day, congratulate your bartender acquaintance, and don’t forget to come to a bar in order to have a glass of cold 🍻 beer.


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