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Black Draughts King

⛃ "Black Draughts King" became a Unicode character in 2008, appearing in version 5.1 of the Standard. The range in which the emoji code is located is dedicated under the "Miscellaneous Symbols" category. It is therefore there, in the "Draughts and Backgammon" category, that this character can be found.

The symbol ⛃ "Black Draughts King" has not been recognized as an official emoji and is displayed as a black and white symbol on the principal platforms. The Unicode consortium therefore does not recommend using the symbol as an emoji for general communication. The exceptions to this are Samsung devices.

Meaning of ⛃ Black Draughts King

The emoji illustrates a circular object from the board game Draughts, consisting of two identical pieces. Such a combination indicates that the standard black piece has been given 🤴 King status in the tournament, and with it a superstructure on top and special advantages in the game.

Apart from ⛂ black pieces, the strategy also involves ⛀ white pieces. Any of the white pieces can also become a king. The battle itself takes place on a 🙾 board of black and white squares, and the winner is the one of the two participants who first gets hold of the opponent's pieces.

How to use

Use the symbol in the context of a draughts game. For example, when discussing the virtuosity of the tournament participants; inviting 👫 Friends to the countryside and reminding them about having fun; or clarifying the outcome of a competition in a 🏙 City park.

In each case, add to the text other checkerboard symbols, 🏆 "Trophy" emoji and emojis from the "Medals" set. Likewise, use emoji in support, in particular 👍 "Thumbs up Sign" and ✌ "Victory hand", as well as emojis from the 😂 "Smileys & Emotions" collection.

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Combinations with ⛃ Black Draughts King Emoji

Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 🤔🙾↔⛃. You can use combos to make riddles or messaging without words.

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— Game Strategy
— Opponent's move
— The King of Checkers

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General information about ⛃ Black Draughts King Emoji

Full name⛃ Black Draughts King
Unicode (fully-qualified)U+26C3
Hex Code Points26C3

Translations and keywords for ⛃ Black Draughts King

Another names, keywords⛃ Black Draughts King
🇷🇺 Russian⛃ Король черных шашек