⚽️ World Cup Emojis Collection

Is that your face 😃 when you are watching soccer🏃⚽? Or is it this one 😩?

With the World Cup 2018 🌍 🏆that will happen in many different Russian citie, your emotions will be much cooler! Check the range of Soccer emoji and show you feelings, joy, saddness or mood with no limits AT ALL!

Check it out:

-Yeah! Its a goal! Who`s the Daddy now? 😤😎🤘🏻

-Oh no! What you doing?!?! Who taught you to play Soccer?!😱😡

-Are you coming for pizza and the Final tonight?


-They did WHAT?!?!😳 They lost the ball??⚽😦

-It`s 0:5 babe! 🤘🏻 We are in the Final!🤤

-Cause we are the Champions, my friends! 🎊🎉🏆🏃⚽