📜 Law Emojis Collection

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To be or not to be…🤔. To judge or not to judge…
This❓ is eternal as well as the Universe…🌐☄
But you can FEEL the Law⚖, especially if you break it😄. Prison will help you with this…😅
Or a huge amount of 💰! As in many 📽🎬Hollywood movies. How often did we see how politicians👩‍💼️👨‍💼️, or kids👧👦 of rich parents could get away from Femida⚖ (the Goddess of Justice)🤔.
“You will not be able to get away with it😐. The Law will get you and punish😤!”
“I will😎… have you seen my bank account🏦💵💶?”
Laws⚖ are created by government🏢to conduct the society 👨‍🏫️👨‍🌾️👨‍🏭️👨‍🚒️in a good way, but in many cases these same laws get broken👊 by the government itself😑😟.
“They have called him guilty😲, although❗ they themselves did the same damn thing twice❗😠😡 What a mess!😡”
Law⚖is also (in the urban dictionary📖) just another name for the cops/policemen👮‍♀️.
“Are you with me to escape from the laws🙄?”
Check out some of the laws. Make sure you do them if you see them:🚳 – no biking! 🚭 – no smoking! 📵-no phones! 🔞 – no those who is under 18!
Some people say that Law is something that is meant to be broken🤔. ☝But we would say that in a 👍 and 💪 country with good people – law is just a tool ⚒of justice. And when the good people rule the country – everybody is happy😊😍😄.