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๐Ÿ›  World Day of Social Work Emojis Collection

In fact, the date of this holiday is different every year, because World Social Work Day is celebrated on the third Tuesday of each March. The holiday is considered professional, the purpose of which is to unite representatives of social work. The founders of this holiday are several international organizations. In 1983 they made a statement on the creation of this holiday.

On this day thematic events are organized in all institutions of the social work system, the purpose of which is to initiate problems in this area, because you need to remember that social work is very difficult. Basically, there are concerts and seminars, even round tables held to discuss the state of affairs. In addition, an exchange of experience takes place thanks to such events, which in the future should affect the improvement of the work of some social protection bodies.

The topic, like the holiday itself, is complex and multi-layered. Nevertheless, the Emoji library has its own collection on this subject and those who understand social work and like to talk about it online will always find the necessary smileys to decorate their text.