๐Ÿšฌ No Smoking Day Emojis Collection

Thanks to the World Health Organization, World No Tobacco Day was established on May 31, 1988, which to this day is a part of International UN Day Calendar. The organizers celebrate this day annually in order to inform the public about the harmful and even fatal consequences of tobacco use. They also draw special attention to secondhand smoke, which is also very harmful to the human body and leads to bad consequences.

Everyone knows that quitting smoking isnโ€™t easy, because tobacco is highly addictive, and those who tried to give up smoking, take up it once again after a few months. Fortunately, in modern medicine there are ways that can help quitting this bad habit once and for all, which is also pointed out by the organizers of this holiday. Every year, for the sake of promoting a healthy lifestyle and giving up smoking, the creators organize various kinds of events, attract young people to organize flash mobs and thematic seminars and lectures.

The Emoji library has its own thematic collection of smileys with which users can raise this issue online. You can discuss such a painful topic and by all means promote smoking cessation, enhancing your thoughts with arguments and using the necessary smileys. Remember that tobacco is essentially a slow death, so before lighting a ๐Ÿšฌ Cigarette , think about the consequences.


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