🧒 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Emojis Collection

One of the most important and at the same time the oldest international holidays is celebrated annually on June 1. International 👶 Children’s Day was established back in 1949, and was first celebrated in 1950. This holiday was chosen by abortion opponents in order to organise action campaigns and attract more attention to such a complex problem.

This holiday has its own flag, the green background of which symbolizes harmony, fertility and continuous growth. In the center of the flag is the Earth image, which means that planet Earth is our common home. There are human silhouettes of different colors around the image, it’s the representation of tolerance and diversity.

Besides protests and everything related to public attention, thematic lectures, children’s films, sports competitions are held on this day. In addition, you need to understand that behind the surface of fun hides the subtext. This holiday is a reminder to society of the importance of protecting children and their rights. In order to support this movement and talk about it online, users will find a collection dedicated to the International Children’s Day with a huge variety of different smileys in the Emoji library.


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