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Floral Heart

❦ "Floral heart" is a decorative symbol in the shape of a colored heart with the curls both at the top and bottom. The emoji first appeared in 1993 in Unicode 1.1 and has been included in the "Dingbats" block, which contains typographic glyphs and ornaments. The image is also interpreted as a 🍃 Leaf of 🍇 Grapes or ivy.

❦ "Floral heart" doesn't have an official emoji version. This is why the symbol is not intended to be used as a universal symbol and is displayed as a single-coloured text glyph on devices with standard compatibility.

Emoji meaning

The ❦ "Floral heart" symbol depicts a fleur-de-lis, a stylized typographic element. Named after the Old French word for 'flower,' it was used in ancient writings to indicate and delimit paragraphs, separate the list lines, or to decorate pages.

Nowadays, fleurons are still used in the design of printed texts to enrich their appearance. The signs are part of some fonts and in typography serve either as a separate element or as part of large ornamental compositions.

How to use

Decorate your social 🌐 network username by placing ❦ "Floral heart" at the beginning and end of your name or use the symbol in the context of nature. ❦ "Floral heart" could be of help when discussing the cosiness of a country 🏠 House terrace surrounded by vines, or talk about lianas seen during a 🌳 Rainforest trip. Add emojis from the 🐶 "Animals and Nature" set to your story.

You may also use the symbol as a heart emoji to express 🤗 Benevolence and show your 🤝 Friendly intentions in your texts.

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General information about ❦ Floral heart Emoji

Full name ❦ Floral heart
Unicode (fully-qualified) U+2766
Hex Code Points 2766

Translations and keywords for ❦ Floral heart

Another names, keywords ❦ Floral heart
🇷🇺 Russian ❦ Цветочное Сердце