⛵️ Columbus Day Emojis Collection

If you want to talk about Columbus, then use a ready set of Emoji! Everyone knows Christopher Columbus👨. After all, he discovered America in the 15th century🇺🇸. Therefore , now in the second half of October🍁🍂, you can take part in Columbus Day celebration🎉🎊. In the States, this day is recognized as a weekend, you can visit different events: parades, church services💒, concerts🎤 and on this day raise the American flag🇺🇸!
Examples of use:
– Would you like to go to church tomorrow?💒👨
– Today my parents are going to parade🎉🎊.
– Oh my Gosh, did you see the flag up? It’s beautiful!🇺🇸🇺🇸
– Good afternoon, I’d like to order a Columbus costume for my son for the parade. How much will it cost?👨👨