📻 World Amateur Radio Day Emojis Collection

Every April 18, radio amateurs celebrate their own “professional” holiday World Amateur Radio 📻 Day. It was on this day in 1925 that the International Amateur Radio Union was formed in Paris, thanks to which it became possible to celebrate this holiday, share experiences and achievements.

It is noteworthy that almost every year Amateur Radio Day is held under a certain motto. For example, in 2010 their motto was “Combination of communication experience with modern digital technologies”, and in 2013 the first use of an amateur 📻 radio in an emergency. In addition, we shouldn’t forget the fact that modern gurus in the field of radio engineering began their journey exactly in the radio amateurs circles, where day after day they gained experience and achieved good results.

The existence of the holiday is fully justified and it isn’t surprising that to this day it is very popular in the world. In the Emoji library attentive users will find a vast collection of smileys that can be used on the web. If you are interested in this topic or you are somehow connected with the radio or modern digital communications, then here is a good reason to talk about this holiday with other people using thematic smileys.


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