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Meaning of  Twitter logo

The Twitter Logo emoji is a Unicode system element with code points in the Private Use Area (PUA) range. The symbol has been supported on all Twitter resources in the form of the famous Twitter Bird since August 2021.

A similar figure is reproduced on the website when you type the [CHIRPBIRDICON] sequence. In this case, the bird appears without specifying a specific PUA code point.

Twitter Logo doesn’t have a standardized version of the emoji in Unicode. The element appears as a black and white piece of text on most devices, and the original appearance is only supported on Twitter platforms. Therefore, Twitter Logo isn’t recommended by the corporation for general exchange as an emoji.

Meaning and history of the symbol

According to the idea of the service creators, a simple and concise logo in the form of a mountain bird from North America reflects the very essence of the platform on which people communicate using short texts. The exchange of information is compared with the chirping and twittering of birds, and the speed of the spread of messages with the flapping of their wings.

The blue bird logo symbolizes the freedom, trust, and limitless possibilities people get when communicating on Twitter. The symbol hints that users are as free to express their thoughts as birds in flight.

The first logo of the brand was a blue inscription with rounded letters Twitter and the bird was present only on the website as an icon. It was a slender silhouette on thin legs. But it has undergone several changes, and in 2010 the grown-up nestling appeared on the logo at the end of the word.

In 2012, the owners removed the name and left only the hummingbird. The final version of the drawing is based on the imposition of 15 circles of different diameters, due to which the logo turned out to be expressive and harmonious. At the same time, the bird looked neutral to look equally appropriate with tweets of any content.

The look of the logo has remained unchanged since then.


The social network Twitter is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Therefore, it is likely that your loved ones and colleagues are among them. Invite people you know to chat by sending an invitation with the Twitter Logo emoji in messenger.

Tell your friends about the profiles of famous 👨👩 personalities and ⭐ Stars. In addition to Twitter Logo, use emoji from the Sports, People, and Emotions categories.

Create interesting nicknames for your accounts and thus attract followers on Twitter. The name will attract users if you combine the username with the Twitter Logo.

Interesting Fact: One of the intermediate versions of the bird was named Larry. Then the image on the logo turned out to be so playful that they wanted to give a name to the bird in the picture. They named her after Larry Bird, a famous basketball player from the Boston Celtics team.
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General information about  Twitter Logo

Full name  Twitter Logo
Unicode (fully-qualified) U+EA00
Hex Code Points EA00

Translations and keywords for  Twitter Logo

Another names, keywords  Twitter Logo
🇷🇺 Russian  Логотип Twitter
🇪🇸 Spanish  Logotipo de Twitter
🇮🇹 Italian  Logo Twitter
🇩🇪 German  Twitter Logo
🇫🇷 French  Logo Twitter
🇵🇹 Portuguese  Logotipo do Twitter