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What is Twitch?

Twitch is a video streaming service that appeared in 2011 and specializes in computer games, gameplay, and esports tournaments. The service has been hosting recently: IRL streams, music, and sports broadcasts. Using this service, you can watch videos both in recording and in real-time.

The platform has a built-in function of live broadcasts, which you can pay for and, thereby, support the streamer. With this function, users create entire reality shows in streams.

Twitch has several live streaming formats:

  • Live streams;
  • Creative videos;
  • Culinary streams;
  • Discussion streams;
  • Music streams;

It is important that the platform isnโ€™t recommended for use by people under the age of 12, as some games contain scenes of violence and murder.

To maintain a healthy air environment, users must follow these guidelines:

  • Do not use profanity;
  • Do not start provocative conversations.

You can use the Twitch service both on a PC and in a mobile application.

Twitch Emote

These are your own emotions on the Twitch platform. They resemble emojis but live their own life on Twitch.

There are four types of Twitch Emote:

  • Global. These are the faces of Twitch employees and streamers. For example, Kappa, DoritosChip, bleedPurple, etc;
  • Robot emotions. Replacement for standard emoticons. Available to everyone;
  • Emotions of subscribers. These are photographs or illustrations of streamers that are associated with their channels. They can only be used by Twitch Partner and Affiliate subscribers;
  • Turbo emotions. Special paid emotions. Alternative to standard emoticons.

Each streamer can create their own Twitch Emote set for their viewers to use during the broadcast. They are usually based on memes and trends from the Internet. For example, the famous emotion Kappa.

Twitch Emote Kappa
Twitch Emote Kappa

Also, players can use a special extension Better Twitch TV, which makes it possible to communicate using emoticons in the general chat. Users type emojis in text, but they are displayed as pictures.

These emoticons are not in the standard set of Twitch emojis, but streamers use them all without exception.

You can download it here.

How to use emojis on Twitch?

    1. Go to the authorโ€™s control pane;
    2. On the left sidebar, click Viewer Rewards;
    3. Then go to the Emoticons section;
    4. Next, select the emoticons you want to download and follow the instructions.

Interesting Facts:

  • New and simplified emoji management on Twitch only came out in January 2021. Now users can find all emoticons on one page and quickly install what is available;
  • Twitch has a โ€œTop 10 Most Popular Emojis of the Dayโ€ rating that is updated daily;
  • In 2020, Twitch removed the TwitchCop emoticon depicting a police officer blowing a whistle as part of the #BlackLivesMatter protests against police brutality in the United States.
Removed TwitchCop emoji
Removed TwitchCop emoji

Full list of global Twitch emojis:

4Head Twitch
8-) Twitch
:( Twitch
:) Twitch
:-/ Twitch
:-D Twitch
:-O Twitch
:-P Twitch
:-Z Twitch
;) Twitch
;-P Twitch
๐Ÿ˜ซ Twitch
๐Ÿ’œ Twitch
ANELE Twitch
ArgieB8 Twitch
ArsonNoSexy Twitch
AsexualPride Twitch
AsianGlow Twitch
BCWarrior Twitch
BOP Twitch
BabyRage Twitch
BatChest Twitch
BegWan Twitch
BibleThump Twitch
BigBrother Twitch
BigPhish Twitch
BisexualPride Twitch
BlackLivesMatter Twitch
BlargNaut Twitch
BloodTrail Twitch
BrainSlug Twitch
BrokeBack Twitch
BuddhaBar Twitch
CaitlynS Twitch
CarlSmile Twitch
ChefFrank Twitch
CoolCat Twitch
CoolStoryBob Twitch
CorgiDerp Twitch
CrreamAwk Twitch
CurseLit Twitch
DAESuppy Twitch
DBstyle Twitch
DansGame Twitch
DarkKnight Twitch
DarkMode Twitch
DatSheffy Twitch
DendiFace Twitch
DogFace Twitch
DoritosChip Twitch
DxCat Twitch
EarthDay Twitch
EleGiggle Twitch
EntropyWins Twitch
ExtraLife Twitch
FBBlock Twitch
FBCatch Twitch
FBChallenge Twitch
FBPass Twitch
FBPenalty Twitch
FBRun Twitch
FBSpiral Twitch
FBtouchdown Twitch
FUNgineer Twitch
FailFish Twitch
FamilyMan Twitch
FootBall Twitch
FootGoal Twitch
FootYellow Twitch
FrankerZ Twitch
FreakinStinkin Twitch
FutureMan Twitch
GayPride Twitch
GenderFluidPride Twitch
GingerPower Twitch
GivePLZ Twitch
GlitchCat Twitch
GlitchLit Twitch
GlitchNRG Twitch
GrammarKing Twitch
GunRun Twitch
HSCheers Twitch
HSWP Twitch
HarleyWink Twitch
HassaanChop Twitch
HeyGuys Twitch
HolidayCookie Twitch
HolidayLog Twitch
HolidayPresent Twitch
HolidaySanta Twitch
HolidayTree Twitch
HotPokket Twitch
HungryPaimon Twitch
IntersexPride Twitch
InuyoFace Twitch
ItsBoshyTime Twitch
JKanStyle Twitch
Jebaited Twitch
Jebasted Twitch
JonCarnage Twitch
KAPOW Twitch
KEKHeim Twitch
Kappa Twitch
Kappa Twitch
KappaClaus Twitch
KappaPride Twitch
KappaRoss Twitch
KappaWealth Twitch
Kappu Twitch
Keepo Twitch
KevinTurtle Twitch
Kippa Twitch
KomodoHype Twitch
KonCha Twitch
Kreygasm Twitch
LUL Twitch
LesbianPride Twitch
MVGame Twitch
Mau5 Twitch
MaxLOL Twitch
MercyWing1 Twitch
MercyWing2 Twitch
MikeHogu Twitch
MingLee Twitch
MorphinTime Twitch
MrDestructoid Twitch
NewRecord Twitch
NinjaGrumpy Twitch
NomNom Twitch
NonbinaryPride Twitch
NotATK Twitch
NotLikeThis Twitch
O.o Twitch
OSFrog Twitch
OhMyDog Twitch
OneHand Twitch
OpieOP Twitch
OptimizePrime Twitch
PJSalt Twitch
PJSugar Twitch
PMSTwin Twitch
PRChase Twitch
PanicVis Twitch
PansexualPride Twitch
PartyHat Twitch
PartyTime Twitch
PeoplesChamp Twitch
PermaSmug Twitch
PicoMause Twitch
PinkMercy Twitch
PipeHype Twitch
PixelBob Twitch
PogBones Twitch
PogChamp Twitch
Poooound Twitch
PopCorn Twitch
PoroSad Twitch
PowerUpL Twitch
PowerUpR Twitch
PraiseIt Twitch
PrimeMe Twitch
PunOko Twitch
PunchTrees Twitch
R) Twitch
RaccAttack Twitch
RalpherZ Twitch
RedCoat Twitch
ResidentSleeper Twitch
RitzMitz Twitch
RlyTho Twitch
RuleFive Twitch
RyuChamp Twitch
SMOrc Twitch
SSSsss Twitch
SabaPing Twitch
SeemsGood Twitch
SeriousSloth Twitch
ShadyLulu Twitch
ShazBotstix Twitch
SingsMic Twitch
SingsNote Twitch
SmoocherZ Twitch
SoBayed Twitch
SoonerLater Twitch
Squid1 Twitch
Squid2 Twitch
Squid3 Twitch
Squid4 Twitch
StinkyCheese Twitch
StinkyGlitch Twitch
StoneLightning Twitch
StrawBeary Twitch
SuperVinlin Twitch
SwiftRage Twitch
TBAngel Twitch
TF2John Twitch
TPFufun Twitch
TPcrunchyroll Twitch
TTours Twitch
TakeNRG Twitch
TearGlove Twitch
TehePelo Twitch
ThankEgg Twitch
TheIlluminati Twitch
TheRinger Twitch
TheTarFu Twitch
TheThing Twitch
ThunBeast Twitch
TinyFace Twitch
TombRaid Twitch
TooSpicy Twitch
TransgenderPride Twitch
TriHard Twitch
TwitchLit Twitch
TwitchRPG Twitch
TwitchSings Twitch
TwitchUnity Twitch
TwitchVotes Twitch
UWot Twitch
UnSane Twitch
UncleNox Twitch
VirtualHug Twitch
VoHiYo Twitch
VoteNay Twitch
VoteYea Twitch
WTRuck Twitch
WholeWheat Twitch
WhySoSerious Twitch
WutFace Twitch
YouDontSay Twitch
YouWHY Twitch
bleedPurple Twitch
cmonBruh Twitch
copyThis Twitch
duDudu Twitch
imGlitch Twitch
mcaT Twitch
panicBasket Twitch
pastaThat Twitch
riPepperonis Twitch
twitchRaid Twitch