🚬 Smoking Emojis Collection

To see what kind emoji except cigarette 🚬 you can use: see our list📋.

Thank you for smoking🚬, babes😉😎!
Have you watched this 🎥movie? Ideal👍 for learning what IS smoking🚬, who is cowboy🤠Marlboro and what smoking does to you🤕☠.
👉See some examples of our vision of this action.
“I 🤔 smoking is a stupid habit… it kills you⚰⚱☠…»
“As well as all types of pleasure, man…😏”

“Winston Churchill smoked cigars🚬 every day… And drank🥃🥃🥃 a lot.. But damn! He lived a lo-ong life. How come is that?!😲😲”
“I think he made a deal with a smoking devil😈👹…just kidding!😅”

“You will never become a 👍 ⚽ player or any kind of a player in sport if you 🚬 a lot😐.”

“Is smoking of weed🚬🌿 allowed in the USA🇺🇸?”

“If you wanna smoke, go to the back yard🏚, here we have a small child👶.”