👨‍🏫 Newton Day Emojis Collection

January 4 is the day when the entire scientific world celebrates Newton Day, whose life from the beginning to the very end was filled with accidents and constant coincidences. However, it didn’t prevent Isaac from making logical and already world-famous discoveries. All his rules and theories over the course of three centuries have been supplemented or changed in one way or another, but no one dares to say that this didn’t affect modern science.
This collection contains a dozen thematic and scientific Emoji smileys that people can use online not only on Newton Day, but also in a variety of discussions related to science.
By the way, the famous fall of an 🍎 Apple on Newton’s head, which inspired him to develop the theory of “universal gravitation” is an absolutely true story. And you, dear scientists, have you ever had any coincidences or unexpected situations that later became a scientific fact?


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