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Adi Shakti

Meaning of ☬ Adi Shakti

☬ “Adi Shakti” is a symbol approved by Unicode version 1.1 in 1993, and coded under “Miscellaneous symbols” section. The black and white emoji depicts two daggers crossed by their handles, with a double-edged sword and a circular throwing weapon placed between them.

☬ “Adi Shakti” hasn’t been given a verified version of the emoji. This makes the symbol look like a black and white glyph across almost all platforms. It also hasn’t been recommended by Unicode for general sharing as an emoji. The color version is only displayed on Samsung devices.

Meaning of the symbol

The symbol ☬ “Adi Shakti” was named after the supreme goddess of Shakti, one of the major forms of Hinduism, who represents the👩 Feminine♾️ Infiniteenergy of creation and embodies all Hindu goddesses. The energy of Adi Shakti is believed to reside in every earthly🤱 Matter.

The image, in its turn, shows Khanda, a symbol of the Sikh faith, which originated in the 🇮🇳 Indian subcontinent. In this culture, this symbol is often used to express✊ Solidarityand unity.

The Adi Shakti symbol has yet another meaning: in Kundalini🧘 Yoga, this is the name of the female mantra. Repetition of the words of the mantra is believed to energize, relieve anxiety, and rejuvenate. Whilst chanting the mantra additionally unleashes creativity and awakens intuition.

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General information about ☬ Adi Shakti

Full name☬ Adi Shakti
Unicode (fully-qualified)U+262C
Hex Code Points262C

Translations and keywords for ☬ Adi Shakti

Another names, keywords☬ Adi Shakti
🇷🇺 Russian☬ Ади Шакти