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Black Truck

The ⛟ "Black truck" symbol was published in 2009 in Unicode 5.2 and is located in the Miscellaneous Symbols block of the "Road Signs" category. It is displayed on most devices as a black and white outline of a vehicle with a van.

The version ⛟ "Black truck" has not been recognised as an official emoji and is displayed as a black and white symbol on the main platforms. The Unicode consortium therefore does not recommend the use of the sign as an emoji for common sharing. The exceptions are only Samsung devices.

Emoji meaning

The ⛟ "Black truck" symbol depicts a vehicle with a covered wagon for moving goods and luggage. The displayed vehicle can be either a heavy commercial vehicle for long-distance hauling or an agile light-duty vehicle that is operated in 🏙 City environments to deliver 🍞 Bread, 🪑 Furniture and household 📺 Appliances.

How to use

Use the symbol literally when referring to a goods vehicle. For example, in the context of moving and delivering things to a new 🏠 House. Together with ⛟ "Black truck" use the 🛣 "Motorway", ⛽ "Fuel Pump", 🚦 "Vertical traffic light" emojis and other.

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General information about ⛟ Black Truck Emoji

Full name⛟ Black Truck
Unicode (fully-qualified)U+26DF
Hex Code Points26DF

Translations and keywords for ⛟ Black Truck

Another names, keywords⛟ Black Truck
🇷🇺 Russian⛟ Черный Грузовик