🍺 Alcohol Emojis Collection

How many emoji can you use for showing “alcohol”?😏
Check this list: we will tell you the truth.
Alcohol is not only about bottles of champagne 🍾🍾🍾😄.
Alcohol is also sake🍶 (Japanese rice wine), beer🍺 or two beers 🍻, cocktails 🍸🍹 and wine…😏👌: either red🍷 or white🥂. Oh, and let’s not forget about 🥃…whiskey, scotch?😎
When somebody is drunk he or she usually starts doing these types of faces: 🤭,🥴,🥳. But this is not everything. (Oh, boy… if it was that simple…)😫.
The stages of filling your body with alcohol have the final. It is either this: 🤢 and after🤮. Or this: 🤤😴.
Second variant is more preferable of course😅.
But happens very seldom, especialy with college students when they decide to throw up a party💃🕺👯‍♂️✨🎉🎊🎤🎧🎸🍷🍸.
Alcohol🍾 or getting completely drunk🥴is the essential part of Figawi weekend (includes the boat race🚣) on Nantucket island in MA, USA.
👆The story tells, that in 1972 there once was a thick fog🌫 that blanketed Nantucket.
This caused confusion 😒🤔for some of the sailors who were looking for the island (no GPS back then☝) and they began asking each other “where the f**k are we?”🤔
Although imagine that sentence in a deep Boston accent and “Where the Figawi?”…or simply “Figawi” was born😏.