ℹ️ World Information Day Emojis Collection

ℹ️ Information is stimuli that has meaning in some context for its receiver and transferred by oral or written means. One way or another, information plays a huge role in human life, as they say: “Fore informed is Forearmed.” Information is one of the main value in the modern world. Therefore, since 1994 (to this day), World Information Day has been celebrated annually at the initiative of the International Informatization Academy. Since that time in many countries of the world this holiday is celebrated on November 26.

Nowadays, any user without any problems have access to different kinds of information (because technology and resources allow it) and use it as he pleases. But one important fact should be noted here: in the modern world an enormous quantity of various information is growing, which is called the “information explosion”, and can lead to the “information stress”. The bottom line is that you can easily get lost in this constant stream, so you need to understand clearly what you need to look for and what kind of information will be useful to you at the moment.

The Emoji library has a small collection of smileys dedicated to World Information Day. By using it, people can draw attention of others to this holiday and share the information received online. The main thing to remember is that a large amount of various information in our time, as psychologists say, is fraught with both social consequences and health problems. Be careful when choosing another 📰 news article.


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